Critical Chilled & Condensed Water Circulating Pump Upgrade

Pumps UK Service were approached by Citi Bank to carry out the upgrade of their large chilled and condensed water systems at their offices in Canary Wharf, London. Our technical consultant surveyed the system and selected modern Armstrong equivalents to replace the old Armstrong versions. The upgrade consisted of eight pumps in total, four on the chilled system and four on the condensed. They also required pipework modifications which were carried out by our in house engineer. 

Armstrong Pump Upgrade

The above pictures show us freezing the pipework to enable removal and replacement of the existing non return and isolation valves. The building contains critial systems that require constant cooling so a drain down was not possible, to establish a freeze on this 10" pipe work a freezing jacket and liquid nitrogen were used. This pipe ran up over 50 floors and it took approximately 6 hours to freeze. The replacement valves were specially manufactured to our specification and sourced globally to suit the high pressure demand. 

Armstrong Inverter Pump

We also retrofitted eight new inverters and switch gears in place of the old direct online controls that were being used. Before, the client would have to manually select the duty for each pump periodically. Just one of the new Armstrong pump set ups was just as effective as three of the older ones. This made a huge financial difference to the client, as the new inverter driven controls were running the pumps at a low speed than before, yet producing the same duties. 

We also fully insulated the chilled water systems with reflective insulation to reduce energy loss and to make the system even more cost effective.

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