HVAC Circulation & Heating

Full HVAC & water circulation system installation services. Glanded & glandless pumps serving liquid of any temperature or type from domestic boiler circulation to large scale commercial heating systems. We deal with all major manufacturers and each range is inline with 2013’s ERP directive on energy efficiency. 

  • Domestic circulator systems
  • Glycol / Coolant systems
  • High temperature circulation
  • Class A energy efficient variable speed pump

Pumps UK were asked to replace 3 old Holden and Brooke oil filled belt drive pumps. The customer had spent a considerable amount of money keeping the old pumps running. all 3 pumps were removed and PUK installed 3 end suction mechanically sealed units which are maintenance free. Pumps UK Service fitted non return valves to the discharge of pumps which allows the duty to be changed automatically by the control system. We  designed the new layout of the pumps and ensured the job was completed within 1 week of it’s start date.