Installing Lowara NSCS Pumps in Hammersmith Grove

The Pumps UK service division were approached by one of our customers as their existing Crane  AHU pumps and chilled water pumps were failing, becoming unreliable and inefficient. On our initial site visit, we noticed that the flanges had asbestos gaskets. We had our team of trained engineers attend and remove all of the gaskets before we started with any new work.

Pumps UK Crane

We came to the conclusion that we should remove all four pumps and install newer, more efficient ones as opposed to attempting a restoration. We decided to select the Lowara NSCS pumps as a suitable replacement.

Pumps UK Lowara

We started off by removing all of the existing pipework and non return valves. We then had our workshop engineer fabricate feet extensions for the pumps as the pedestals that the old pumps were installed on were too small and the NSCS pumps would over hang.

PUK Lowara NSCS Pump

We installed all new carbon steel pipework and Xpress crimped fittings as this reduced the install time as there was no need for welding. We also remove the old cast flap non return valves and replaced them with more maintenance friendly spring loaded check valves.


After we had completed all of the above we decided to wrap the new pipework with lagging. All  of the work was completed with in a week with little to no disruption.

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