Lowara Pump Service and Repair

Xylem Lowara

Pumps UK Service is the leading distribution and service partner for Lowara in London & the South East as well as being the official Lowara Distributor for Essex and East Sussex. All of our service engineers have had Lowara training their entire range.

From carrying out seal replacements on FHE End Suction and FCTE Glanded inline circulators to fitting the new Ecocirc XL electronic glandless circulators to heating systems, we can install, repair, replace, maintain or supply any pump from across the Lowara range.

We also specialise in installing pumps fitted with the Hydrovar and Minvar energy saving inverter units. We also pride ourselves in the installation and service of Lowara water booster sets and pressurisation units. We regularly carry out installations of variable speed booster sets and Presfix electronic pressurisation units that are designed for sealed Heating and Chilled Water Systems.

Founded in Vicenza, Italy (1969) Lowara quickly became a leading figure and has remained so for the last 40 years. Today Lowara are owned by ITT industries which has made Lowara part of the largest pump manufacturing organisation in the world. If you're after a Lowara service contract or a quote on Lowara repair / installation, fill in our contact form or call our office today.

Installations by Pumps UK Service: 

The pictures above show installations of Lowara pumps that have been carried out by Pumps UK Service engineers.

1. 3 Pump Hydrovar booster set designed, supplied and installed by Pumps UK at a building in Aldgate London. Installation was carried out over a weekend.

2. Chiller modifications at a new building in Ludgate London. 3 Chillers were modified and all works were carried out by our fully trained engineers.

3. District heating system that was fitted with an inline FCS Hydrovar pump. The School in Morden Surrey reduced its energy bill by 35%.

4. Combined Heat and Power system in Ashford Kent. Pump system was designed, supplied and commissioned by Pumps UK Service.