New Water Booster Set Install in London

Pumps UK Service were approached by a client with a site they had in South West London. Previously, the site was a row of residential properties, but had been completely demolished to make way for a new multi-storey commercial and residential block. Pumps UK were brought in during the first fix stage of development. The client sent over the designs of the new property and from these designs we went on to size a booster set to suit the estimated demand.


The location of where the booster set and break tank had to go had strict weight and size restrictions, but we were able to select a set that met all the flow requirements and at the same time was still suitable size wise. The unit we selected was our own PUK Vari-Twin LG booster and we felt due to the demand and size restrictions, the best size for the break tank would be 1500 litres.


The area in which we had to install the new set had nothing but a power supply port and a discharge pipe. We installed the set and worked in conjunction with a water storage tank manufacturer to deliver the break tank in a very specific time frame. We were then able to connect up the booster set to the tank and test the unit as a whole before the building was even ready to be pressurised. We then returned at a convenient time for the client to carry out a full commissioning.


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