Replacement of a Chilled Water Circulator

Old Crane Pump UK

We were asked by a client to remove their old direct driven Crane pump which was used to circulate the chilled water and to install a new Lowara twin pump set. Upon visiting the client’s site we noticed it was currently running with only with 1 pump which greatly hindered performance and efficiency. The system also did not have any method of filling automatically when the system got low. Previously, the client was manually increasing the pressure by filling the system via a loop from the heating system.

Lowara Replacement Pump

We had to manufacture a bespoke frame to fit the new Lowara pump as its dimensions were much larger and we also added all new butterfly valves on the inlet and outlet, which required us draining down the entire head of the building. We then had to install all new pipework using 4 inch carbon steel pipe and Xpress fittings. By using the Xpress fittings we managed to reduce our overall install time as there was no need to weld.

Lowara Crimp

As well as fitting a new Lowara pump, we installed a PUK twin pump pressurisation unit which we ran a new mains feed from the cold water riser which was located the opposite end of the plant room.  Again, we connected all of the new pipework using Xpress fittings. We also installed a quick fill loop so in the future they have a way to refill the system if need be.

Lowara PUK Pressure Unit

On top of the above, we modified the control panel so there was a duty selector switch which allows the client to alternate the pumps manually. We then insulated all the newly installed pipework.

Lowara Twin pump

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