Replacing CT & VT Pumps with Lowara NSCE Equivalents

Pumps UK were contacted by a customer as they required an upgrade of their Constant Temperature and their Variable Temperature pumps before the winter time. On the initial site visit we notice that the local isolation valves on the pumps were seized and of the variable temperature pumps, one was leaking and the other was extremely noisy. Overall, all four pumps were dated and are now obsolete, so we decided it would be best to replace them with modern equivalents.

Obsolete Heating Pumps

We chose Lowara NSCE equivalents to be installed in the place of the existing ones. We removed the old pumps and then had to remove part of the old pipework to ensure the Lowara NSCE pumps could fit in place. We decided to drain the system and replace all the valves including the non-return valves and installed new butterfly valves in their place which created more room to install the pumps. We used carbon steel crimped fittings to decrease overall install time. Once installed all was lagged and commission and left in service.

Lowara NSCE Heating Pumps

Due to the need to drain down the system, we carried out all work over two Saturdays and this meant no disturbation to the heating in normal working hours.


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