Replacing old Wilo circulators with new Grundfos circulators

We recently attended a site in Trevor Square, London to overhaul a Wilo DPN twin circulator. Once we had dismantled it we found that the internals of the pump had worn out beyond repair. We could not perform a direct replacement as the Wilo DPN twin circulator is now obsolete so we had to select a suitable replacement. We selected a new Grundfos twin head circulator as it would fit straight between the existing flanges with out any trouble.


Once we selected the correct pump and had everything we needed, our engineer removed the old twin circulator and installed the new one in its place without the need to modify any existing pipework. The only element that we needed to change was the support at the bottom of the volute.

We then fully tested and left the pump and site in good working condition. All of this was performed in one day with very little to no disruption to services.

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