Speedy Booster Set Replacement in London

Pumps UK Service were called by a client with a site in London where it had problems with water pressure. We found the site was using an old CCD water boosting set with outdated pumps. We soon discovered that the water pressure was fluctuating due to the controls and accumulators failing, consequently causing the set to run continuously. On top of this, both sets of seals on the pumps were to leaking.

We came to the conclusion to replace the equipment as it was beyond economical repair. We sized up a new booster set specification to suit the sites requirements. We selected the PUK Vari-Twin LG from our new PUK-Vari range which can offer a duty of 4 l/s at 3.0 bar on duty/ standby.

Pumps UK Vari-Twin

We were able to set all the correct pressure requirements before installing the new set on site, and this meant that the overall down time of the water supply was kept to an absolute minimum. We were able to install the new set with ease due to using Xpress crimped fittings.  

Var-Twin Water Booster

Due to us having the ability to build the set from stock and set up the new inverters to the correct pressure values in our test facilities, we were able to remove the old set, install the new one, insulate all the pipe work and have the water supply back up in approximately 3 hours.

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