Energy efficient systems

Hot water circulation and pressure boosting costs in both domestic and commercial systems can mount up. The popularity of energy saving pumps fast on the rise in the UK as water bills rise and as we all move to a more ecologically and economically friendly society.

Energy efficient pumps and pressure sets will not only help lower the bills they will quickly pay for themselves and greatly increase the longevity of your pumping equipment.

With a control system such as the Lowara Hydrovar range pump speed in in constant alignment with actual water consumption. With a panel in place only the energy necessary to meet the required demand is expended, you only pay for what you need. As the pump is constantly monitored with a constant output of pressure there are no more fluctuations which prevents water hammering in the system. The pump is also protected against dry running., all of which helps to greatly increase the life of your pump reducing maintenance, service or replacement costs.

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