A Roof Top Lowara Vessel Installation

Pumps UK was contacted by one of our customers to carry out a service on one of their pressurisation units. Whilst servicing the unit, we discovered that their four 500 litre vessels had failed and need to be replaced. We decided to replace them with four new 500 litre Lowara vessels.

Old Vessel Change

The location of the vessels was in the roof top plant room and the only access to the roof was through a hatch. The issue was that the hatch was too small to fit the old and new vessels through and we couldn’t select smaller vessels as the system required four 500 litre vessels.

Cherry Picker Pumps UK

To overcome this issue, we decided the only way to transport these vessels to their location safely was by using a cherry picker with a high boom. We were able to drive it ourselves as our engineers have the correct licences to operate the equipment.

Chris Pumps UK Lowara Vessel

We removed the old tanks safely and then transported the new ones to the plant room. We made sure that all the fittings and pipework were prepped before lifting them into place, and this meant that the down time in the heating was kept to a minimum.

Lowara Vessel Change Pumps UK

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